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TERP: Technology Employment Resource Program

TERP is a three to six months enterprise career program endorse by Nigeria Information Technology Expert (NITE) and Institute of Information Technology Experts (IITE), specifically tailored for individuals with (Bsc, HND, OND, NCE, SSCE and NYSC) or equivalent who desire to become practical competent and certified IT Expert to meet the national and global employment workforce with IT, Telecom, PTO, ISP, Banking, Oil & Gas, Government parastatalls. choose a career below.



Computer Engineering leading to full A+

Computer Assembly, Configuration & Jumper Setting ,Master / Slave Configuration , HDD Partitioning , Formatting, Loading OS , Introduction to DOS commands, Computer Upgrading, Expansion , etc Device Drivers, Loading Application / 3 party Software: Hardware & Software Computer Troubleshooting & Repairs


Networking (Local Area Network) leading to full Network N+

Networking Topologies, Architectures, Types of Network element, Structured Cabling : Cross – over , Straight –through cabling, Roll-Over cabling methods , Peer to Peer Configuration, Joining computer to workgroup, DNS, TCP/IP Configuration Network Hardware and software troubleshooting, File and printer sharing and IP address fundamentals.


Network Management Leading to full MCITP/MCTS (70- 640)

Installation, Configuration and setting up a network server Active Directory (ADS), DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP Configuration. Creating and managing Organizational Unit, Creating and managing Users Account & Permission, Delegating & Implementing Client Server Security with Organizational Policy,Networking Resource Sharing /Permission/Internet Security. Microsoft Server 2008 Concentration.


Microsoft Exchange Server MCTS

Installing Microsoft exchange server, creating users email account, managing users email account, configuring user’s email outlook account, email security and managing, Configuring SMTP, POP and configuration of mail server.


Cisco Certified Network Associate leading to full CCNA (200 – 120)

Installation , Configuration and operation of LAN, WAN , and wireless access services, Troubleshooting and configuration of small to medium networks, introduction to internetworking , IP addressing, subnetting and design of a network using VSLM (Variable Length Subnet Mask). Router configuring, Routing Protocol Configuration using RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF, Layer 2 Switching, Cisco Security with Access List Control, IPv6 Fundamentals, managing cisco IOS with Layer 2 and 3.


Virtualization and Cloud Computing:

Fundamentals of virtualization, types of virtualization, application of virtual computing and vendors, Virtual computing, networking and cloning.Definition of cloud computing, applications, vendors and implementation, cloud computing directory etc.


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Module I: Cisco Certified Network Professional (Routing Protocol Configuration)


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Module II: Cisco Certified Network Professional (Switching Configuration)


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Module III: Cisco Certified Network Professional (Troubleshooting (Tshoot)

Duration: 3months or 6months


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