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TERP: Technology Employment Resource Program


This course is designed towards a successful career as an ORACLE database professional; participants will learn with 100% practical how to install, maintain, and create an operational oracle enterprise database including performance, database security, user’s management backup and recovery technique. More so, ORACLE database for multilingual application, participants will learn various method of recovering the database using RMAN, SQL, and flashback technology. Tools to monitor database performance and steps to improve database performance, you will also learn to use Resource manager, the schedule and Automatic Storage Recovery.


SQL:Structured Query Language

Oracle Server Technologies and the Relational Paradigm, Data Retrieval using the SQL statement, Restricting and Sorting Data, Single row functions using conversion functions and conditional expressions, Reporting aggregated data from multiple tables using sub-queries to solve problems using the set operators manipulating data , using DDL statement to create and manage tables, creating other schema objects.


OCA:Oracle Certified Associate(OCA)

Introduction, installing Oracle Database 11g Software, Create an Oracle Database, Database Interface, Controlling the Database Storage Structure, Storage Structures, Administering Users, PL/SQL, Oracle Database Security, Oracle Net Service, Performance Maintenance: Objective, Monitoring & Resolving Lock Conflict, Backup and Recovery Concepts, Database Backups, Database Recovery.


OCP: - Oracle Certified Professional(OCP)

Using Globalization supports, Security the Oracle Listener, Using Recovering Manger, Diagnostic Sources, Recovering from non critical losses, Database Recovery, Flashback Database, recovering from Users Errors , Dealing with Database corruption , Monitoring and Management, Automatic Storage System , Managing Resources and Automating Desks with the schedules.

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